Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truth Is Stranger #105: Priest Smokes Bobby Flay With Fajitas

This priest is, of course, Fr. Leo of Grace Before Meals--which I have plugged here before as both amusing and a great idea. He got challenged by Bobby Flay of the Food Network to a Throwdown (food prep competition show)--and Fr. Leo won it with his Fajitas. Congrats, Padre!

*A nice news wrap-up here.
*Watch the re-run September 20, 11pm ET/PT, on the Food Network.


PaperSmyth said...

"nice news wrap-up here"

Nice pun.

Elizabeth said...

I'll have to record it on the computer so the kids can watch it...they love well as most of the other Food Network shows. Thanks for the "heads up"!
Pax Christi.

Panda Rosa said...

Good, but can he whip up a grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin on it?

Steve T. said...

It would mean more if Bobby Fly did not make it a stated certainty that he will almost always lose