Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday's QOTD

You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.

--Dave Barry

(close, very close)


Keystone said...

Dave Barry was a gift book to me from a friend, and signed inside by Dave.

The book was "Dave Barry Turns 40".
It took me a few more years to accomplish such a task, but a friend had Dave write in the Jacket, a personal note.

Dave wrote:
"Happy Birthday to you, "Keystone".
Whatever you do, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!"
Your friend,
Dave Barry.

It is a keepsake that makes me laugh over and over, though being 40 again would be more joyful.

Recently, Dave made another astute observation as he explained Bible Stories and the truth of God.

He wrote for the kiddos:

The Titanic was built by professionals.
The Ark was built by Amateurs"

As an amateur builder of kiddos, you are building a Master Piece and I can hardly wait to see a picture of your production.

May your labor be brief, and your joy be all of your days.

(still praying away each day)

Michael said...

I have a similar story to Dave Barry's quote. I **knew** that my neighbor was pregnant. We had talked about it.

So, when I saw her in the back yard near her due date I **new* she was pregnant.

It was very hot out, and I knew how miserable my wife had been during the late stages of her Summer pregnancies, so I wanted to express my sympathies in a neighborly way.

"Wow", I sympathized, "with this heat you must be ready to be done. When are you due?"

I have never been so cold in the month of August. Her icy stare haunts me to this day. "I had the baby three days ago", she said.

She had gone into labor a little early. I thought I hadn't seen her because she was inside hiding from the heat.

So... the lesson here is, even when you KNOW the person is pregnant. Keep your fool mouth shut.

Jonathan Webb said...

I too got burned by that one once. said...

Brooks Brothers used to promote a book called As a Gentleman Would Say and it was full of wisdom like this. It was very useful