Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday's QOTD

If the Americans were as expert in spiritual matters as they are in business affairs, all of them would be saints.


Anonymous said...

Hi, IC!

Just wanted to send a word of encouragement. My babies 1 & 2 BOTH came the day before their due dates. So #3 should have been earlier, right? HUH! She hung on for 5 more days, and the docs finally had to make it mandatory that she leave!!! Hang in there, toots! (By the way, I boohooed my eyes out two day before she was born, three days AFTER her due date. When my husband tried to console me, that was when I did the thing that all pregnant women do and told him this was ALL his fault, and he couldn't help me unless he took the baby out of me and carried it himself for the rest of the pregnancy!)

August said...

Sadly, I'd have to disagree with Seelos, for he was misinformed; we have no business acumen, we only have a tremendous ability to create a certain sort of sound and fury.

runningatlarge said...

I hope to God your baby is here! I've been waiting since I am due a month after you. I need some hope that she isn't going to go past her due date and be 11 lbs.

Paul Cat said...

I love Blessed Xavier Seelos. He lived and worked in New Orleans, LA. I go visit his shrine in NOLA from time to time. I might have to hang this quote up in my class.

Also, Congratulations on the new Chic!