Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Truth Is Stranger #106: The Anti-Swine Flu Holy Water Dispenser

ROME (Reuters) – An Italian inventor has combined faith and ingenuity to come up with a way to keep church traditions alive for the faithful without the fear of contracting swine flu -- an electronic holy water dispenser.

The terracotta dispenser, used in the northern town of Fornaci di Briosco, functions like an automatic soap dispenser in public washrooms -- a churchgoer waves his or her hand under a sensor and the machine spurts out holy water.

"It has been a bit of a novelty. People initially were a bit shocked by this technological innovation but then they welcomed it with great enthusiasm and joy. The members of this parish have got used to it," said Father Pierangelo Motta.

As someone recovering from H1N1 right now, I sympathize. Sort of. But this reminds me of the holy water I received at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City--through a bright orange water pistol. Let's just say the fullness of the sign was not served....

More here. With a picture.


Ray from MN said...

Sorry to hear that you've been targeted by the Swine Flu. I've known a couple of others who had it.

We need you back. There has been a big void in my daily blog consuming.

But the big question has to be answered!

What is Chic #4's name?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Matthew John. :)

Ray from MN said...

Positively Apostolic!

I wouldn't have expected anything less from you and SIC.

Did Chics 1-3 get to vote, or was this inspiration from above?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Sic will tell you I had too much influence on the vote this time.

I basically couldn't get Matthew out of my head, and the feast of St Matthew is very special to me. John is for our maternal grandfathers, of the same name. Saint-wise, I say John of the Cross, and sic says John XXIII....

Rae said...

I hope that you have fully recovered by now, and if not are well soon.

I am not inclined to like the dispenser, but I guess that I would rather have it than not have holy water offered at all as was the case at one of the parishes I visited recently