Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ironic Catholic's Top Events of 2009

10. Wow, that celebration of Corpus Christi was awesome. I just loved the readings; they really made receiving the Body and Blood of Christ that much more special, if that could be possible.

9. I also thought the annunciation on March 25 was ultra-cool. Angels, ancient promises fulfilled, great acts of faithfulness...what's not to like?

8. You know, we don't give props to ordinary time enough. I love the changelessness of the liturgical least for a few months. Ordinary can be pretty extraordinary, you know. At least, top ten.

7. Ash Wednesday. What a great see ourselves clearly and give our lives to God. One of the most honest days of 2009.

6. Here's to a fantastic Trinity Sunday 2009! What a brainy, faithful celebration of God!

5. Advent was beautiful, because it names the life of waiting for us...and we always wait. So relevant, all the time....

4. Holy Thursday and Good Friday. OK, it isn't fair to combine the two, except maybe it is--after all, the Triduum is all one liturgical celebration. The reminder of a servant God, the very idea of it! Just phenomenal.

3. Christmas. Any reason to sing the best "Basic Christian Theology on a Stick" hymn ever, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, is worth the Christmas crowds in the church parking lot.

2. Pentecost. This one sort of surprised you at #2, didn't it? But the Holy Spirit is like that...always there, always arriving, always surprising. Brilliant feast. And really, profoundly connected to #1...which is....

1. Easter. The most exciting event ever, and we get to re-live it. Still #1, yesterday, today, and forever.

(Nothing else of note happened, right?)


Trisha said...

In re: #3, that's the best description for Hark... I've ever heard. And I for my part fully agree. May we safely assume that it's your Christmas-proper hymn of preference?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Yep--it's my favorite.

Panda Rosa said...

The wonderful thing is, it all gets to happen again next year.