Monday, January 25, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things, Again

Part of a series.

The IC family went to an ecumenical prayer service for life on this near-anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. The service was at our Cathedral in town; the presider, our somewhat new local bishop.

Afterward, this being Minnesota, talk turned to the upcoming Vikings game tonight. My oldest son, chic #1--who has never met our bishop--strode up to him and asked if he was a Vikings fan or a Saints fan--you know, given he's a bishop and all....

[ba da boom, groan].

Our bishop laughed and said he was a Detroit fan, but today, he's rooting for the Vikes.

Didn't help, I'm afraid--they lost 31-28. [Deep sigh.] Did New Orleans really deserve this? I mean, they have Mardi gras coming up. We have...watching curling in the Winter Olympics. However, it does seem that chic #1 has inherited the IC genes. He can take over the blog in my old age. Or a couple of years, at this rate.


Dad29 said...

Heh. Now you know how Packer fans feel: the last Favre pass is ALWAYS a pick

The Vikings gave that game away. They are a superior team but no one could recover from those turnovers.

Ray from MN said...

You mentioned the magic word, "curling."

Gotta tell my curling story.

Back in 78, during my pagan years, I was working for a DFL candidate for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota. To show how close I was to the power structure of the campaign, I was selected to speak at DFL County Conventions in the four most godforsaken counties in the state of Minnesota: Lake of the Woods, Norman, Pennington and Mahnomen in the northwest-est part of the state in mid-March. Still Winter up there, to be sure.

Saturday night it was my joy to drive northwards from Bemidji to Baudette in Lake of the Woods County, on the Canadian border. North even of International Falls, if that is possible.

The land was flat (being the bottom of glacial Lake Agassiz) and full of meltwater, making it look like I was driving across a lake, with nothing but needle-less tamarack trees to vary the scenery.

Slowly I lost contact with the last Bemidji radio station and drove maybe an hour without music, news or noise to break my boredom.

Then some scratchy sounds began to be heard coming from the Gremlin's car radio. What a great name, eh? It was a borrowed car, painted a sickly green.

Slowly it became loud enough for me to determine that it was coming from Winnipeg, Manitoba, hundreds of miles to my northwest.

I breathed a sigh of relief, fine tuned the dial and sat back to listen to a live broadcast from Switzerland of the "Silver Broom World Curling Championships" with Canada in the finals.

Now I had watched curling in Duluth a couple of times. Believe me, live and in person, unless you have played the game yourself, it is not very exciting.

Can you imagine what it must be like to listen to it on the radio for an hour and a half?

opey124 said...

That was a great game.
I think 34 years was long enough wait for the Saints.

Did they deserve it? Well, I just assumed where they may have lacked in other areas, they would be made up in prayers - prayed to the bowl that is!

Glad Favre is Ok.