Friday, January 08, 2010

Theology in the Tennies!

Sad, just sad. But I had five minutes and couldn't help myself from making...

liturgically correct shoes

"Perfect for Theology in the Tennies! Get one for your favorite street theologian!"


Robyn said...

Er... but they look like bowling shoes. :)

Ken & Carol said...

But what about the days and seasons other than green?

Ray from MN said...

The important question, IC, is, can one dance in them?

Stuart Koehl said...

Laugh you may, but for those of us in the Greek Catholic Churches, where standing is de rigeur and the Liturgy lasts an hour and a half (longer on feast days, and much longer if you attend Matins before the Divine Liturgy), sensible shoes are essential.

As someone who has served at the altar for more than a decade, I finally settled on lightweight black slip-on hiking shoes, which look like loafers but offer outstanding arch support.

I supervise a lot of altar boys (never girls in my neck of the woods), and my main problem is slovenly shoes--a lot of kids simply don't own real shoes. My ultimate decision was black sneakers are OK as long as they don't have lights or roller skates.

Ray from MN said...

RE: Slovenly Shoes

I call them "Minnie Mouse" shoes

St. Agnes parish in St. Paul, as with many things liturgical, has solved their slovenly shoe problem.

They have a goodly number of pairs of black socks in their server vesting area and if the shoes don't meet standards, as is normally the case, off come the gunboats and on with the black socks. It works!