Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's QOTD

I have a sweet tooth for song and music. This is my Polish sin.
--Pope John Paul II


Andrea said...

Ah JP II!! I heart him.

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

I always knew he had a sweet tooth!

Patrick said...

So you're the first result in a Google search of "funny catholic blog." Congratulations!

I've always found humor helpful in my ministry, especially with teenagers. Much kudos is due to those who can make people laugh because of God, not AT God.

I'll be dropping by often! Maybe once or twice you can trade me your "QOTD" for my "Catholic Word of the Day"...?


Sister Mary Martha said...

Hello! Thanks for having me on your blog roll! I just wanted to let your readers know that my google warning problem has been resolved! Please visit our little convent on the web again soon!