Thursday, May 06, 2010

Seriously, a Mother's Day Gift suggestion: Help These Mothers

I recently became aware of this phenomenal ministry and program named Reece's Rainbow, which encourages and enables families in the USA and Canada to adopt children with Down Syndrome from other countries, esp. Eastern European ones. The program guides you through the process, connects you with the children awaiting homes, has created and supports Down Syndrome parenting support groups in two Eastern European countries, helps you fundraise the steep costs of international adoption, and educates you on the realities on special needs children in these countries: they get sent to mental institutions at age 5 in many Eastern European countries, and usually die soonafter. The situation is dire, but this Christian ministry is such a ray of hope. I encourage you to think about supporting this ministry as a Mother's day present--for children who need mothers and mothers who need these beautiful children.

You could also financially support a family adopting. I have been following the remarkably beautiful witness of Adeye and Anthony, who are adopting two girls from the Ukraine. Here is their support page.

This program was begun three years ago by the enterprising and faithful mother of a child with Down Syndrome, and has just exploded in its outreach. I LOVE hearing about God breaking into the world in this way. Please spread the word. More people should know about this. Happy Mother's day!

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