Friday, May 07, 2010

A Sign You've Studied Theology Too Long, #2

You consider having friends over for a popular baked chicken dish and contemporary experimental theological conversation just so you can call it "Shake N' Bake W' Schillebeeckx".


Adoro said...

ROFL! it a sign one has been in theology too long just to *get* what that means?

profetaverdad said...

Not what that's means. What is he.

Panda Rosa said...

What if you serve Shake 'n Bake Fish?
Make it Lake Erie Perch and I'll listen all you like.
Serve it with Ohio sweet corn and a flagon of Middle Bass red wine and I'll swim the Tiber at once!

okay, i can be bought, but the price is most exact ;)

Dave said...

How about some "Cheese & Mac with DeLubac?"

Ok,I'm stretching it a bit :-)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Dave! Love it!