Monday, August 02, 2010

The Domestic Church Raises Funds Through Named Bricks and Shingles

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Loden, California: The pitch was familiar: we have our expenses, consider your time, talent, and treasure, we need everyone to pitch in as they form and educate the people of God. The group was decidedly different.

A local "domestic church" is stumping for funds to operate.

Joseph O'Hara, husband to Catherine and father of Ian, Lucy, Henry, and twin infants James and Jeanne, have made a public request for funds to operate their community of faith via a brochure and radio advertisement.

The brochure states "Life--what a beautiful choice. We love God, love each other, and love our neighbors. If you want to promote the small way in which we live out the gospel of life, we would be honored to accept your donation. A $25 donation would secure you an engraved brick on on our western wall of the house, which we affectionately call "the wailing wall" due to its proximity to the baby's bedroom."

Engraved shingles are also available for donors who prefer to remain anonymous but to God and low flying aircrafts.

In an exclusive interview with The Ironic Catholic, O'Hara said "I've lost my job and we've fallen on hard times--I know, everyone has--and frankly, we thought about becoming a mendicant family, basically, begging like Francis. But then we thought-hey--our pastor keeps calling our families in the parish the domestic church, and what does our parish do when it's broke? It names every nook and cranny of the building. So I think the possibilities are endless--we've got a couple of trees, doors, you name it. And if someone wanted to install a stained glass window for us, we're not going to say no."

Catherine O'Hara added "At first I wasn't so sure. But we have a ministry too. One of my church leaders said 'no money, no mission', and I guess that's our motto. Plus we want to fend off our creditors."

O'Hara said that he would be willing to offer tours of the ministry and property, preferably outside of 1pm naptimes.


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