Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Not-So-New Evangelization

Heh. With my family's minivan--there's no foolin' involved!

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Panda Rosa said...

I always like this one.
Anybody see any unusual versions of the "Jesus Fish"? Spotted a very plump one labelled "Buddha"

Darrell said...

My roommate has this same sticker on his 1990 honda civic. I dont think he is fooling anyone either.

Allen's Brain said...

I read a study recently that people with bumper stickers are much more likely to experience and practice road rage.
Not sure what that has to do with your post. Just thought I'd share.

Additionally, I'm horrified at the verification word: suckenti

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Back when those yellow hazard "BABY ON BOARD" signs were in vogue wasn't here one that said "Jesus in trunk"? (Must be a California thing...)

Allen's Brain said...

AAA, I think that might have been a commentary about smuggling illegal aliens. :-D

How about a Christmassy one that says "Baby Jesus on Board"? Or perhaps a t-shirt on the Virgin Mary... I feel a comic coming on!