Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Midterm Time! IC questions

(Relax, I've given the tests already.)

  1. N's "intermediate state" refers to the period of time ... a) between a person's birth and death  b) between a person's death and the resurrection of the dead  c) between a person's birth and baptism  d) between the beginning of class and the end of class
  2. Concupiscence can be understood as ... a) unnaturally wanting more than what you need, a desire contrary to reason  b) all-knowing with God  c) devotion to life in God  d) hitting all seven of the deadly sins, in order, in one week
  3. Augustine argued that the pear tree was the worst sin of his life because  a) he lied about it later  b) he did evil simply for the thrill of doing evil  c) there were many sinful actions in that one event  d) he was thinking lewd thoughts about the pear tree

Help for Tori: respect life month continues....

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The Merry said...

Please tell me you don't take points off for giggling in class during a test.

Word Verification -- worrade. As in, I'm worrade about giggling during tests.