Monday, October 25, 2010

My last "pain in the tuckus" post, wrapped in a miracle

(Humor blogging resumes soon. I promise. I've got two in the hopper.)

OK: all of my friends, and most of my fb buds and blog audience, agree I have been a royal pain in the tuckus. I have taken lessons from PBS on fundraising and and have done everything but offer the IC mug for your contribution of $10 a month to Reece's Rainbow and Tori's special needs adoption (hmmmmmm?...nah).

But here's the miracle, people: when a woman (then unknown to me) and I began to separately but simultaneously fundraise for Tori--a 5 yr old girl from Eastern Europe with CP who needed a family immediately--things began to happen. Yes, we raised some money for sure. We apparently also raised some hopes. And we don't know how it happened, but between our feeble efforts and (apparently) a significant anonymous grant, her adoption fund, which was at $1000 October 1, shot up to $23,516. That's fully funded, people. And without a family commitment, it's almost unheard of.

A family, who had adopted three other special needs children from this same country in the past year, had been pining for Tori for six months. But they were financially wiped from the previous adoption. They saw the combined effort and growing hope that Tori may get funding and adoption...and they decided to go out on a limb and commit. When they decided this, they logged on to the computer--and Tori's fund had just jumped to fully funded status.

There's more to this, but you get the idea. This isn't my work, people. It's GOD work. It was a miracle. And Tori and her future parents still need prayers--the adoption isn't final until she's out of there with everything signed. But her future has more hope than it has in years. Now, she HAS a future.

OK, so I had promised God I would try to go as all out as I can (i.e. be a royal pain in the tuckus) to fundraise for one month, all October (Respect Life month!). And Tori is on her way to getting adopted and out of the institution she is trapped in now. Earlier in the month, I planned a Fun Run honoring special needs adoption, which is in full swing now--October 30th if you're in my town! The Fun Run money, and anything we fundraise this week, is going to another child in Eastern Europe with CP, needing a family: Anthony. He needs help no less than Tori did--he is the age where children age out of the orphanage system and often suffer badly because of it. It's especially hard on children who cannot walk (and he cannot). Many children die in these conditions. So I ask, one last time, if Tori got funded before you could help...please help little Anthony. We can make a difference: I know of two grants going to Anthony and his future family to the total of $6000, so can we raise another $4000? Whew. You can visit the Help for Tori page and donate, or read more about Anthony and our efforts.

Every dollar helps. Reece's Rainbow is run entirely by very dedicated volunteers, so all the money (except Paypal fees) goes to the child's adoption fund, to be given to parents who commit to adopting the child to help cover international adoption costs. It is also a 501c3 org, in case you want to make a tax deduction. Thank you and God bless! If you cannot help, please spread the word, because we need to find Anthony's future parents and the more people who know about this, the more quickly that will happen!


Theocoid said...

Deo gratia! That is fantastic.

mariandev said...

Hi. I'm Maria, nice to meet you.
Just wanted to tell you this is wonderful. The best way to be a pain in the tuckus I've seen in a while. And I go to Ave Maria, we are notorious for paining the tuckus...

The Ironic Catholic said...

Theo--it IS fantastic, isn't it?

Maria, feel free to spread the word around your school. The organization has a Christmas angel program, where groups or individuals take on a child (or group of older children) and try to fundraise $1000 for each one's fund. As they do say on the website--given the 90% abortion rate of children who test for DS in the USA, it is our duty and privilege to find homes for those with special needs blessed to be born!