Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tori's Birthday

You want to kick in the doors of evil with me?

Today is Tori's birthday--the little girl I've blogged, blegged, begged, and prayed about--and she turns five. But she turns five in a mental institution for adults. Her only "problem" is that she has CP, and her home country considers her written off.

We need to show everyone that every child is a wanted child--that there are parents who would love to raise Tori--but cannot afford the international adoption costs. We can do this by giving Tori (and her future parents) the gift of a fully funded adoption. A birthday gift of a dollar or two or more would be the best gift!

She is listed at Reece's Rainbow. The community of faithful moms who advocate for these special needs children in eastern Europe is grieving over the death of one of the orphans there, a girl named Anne Marie (Anya). This is not uncommon--these children do not get treatment because they are written off. A few of the advocating moms are saying, in memory of Anne Marie, they are determined to pray and find a way for little Tori. Please join us. Please make a birthday gift for Tori today!

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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Tori!! But, This is such a sad situation. She should not be written off. With love, the proper education, and life skills taught to her there is no telling what she can accomplish in life. She is a special child from God an noone should tell her any differently.

Andrea said...

I hope more money can be raised, it breaks my heart to hear of her plight. I wish I could do more. :(

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks, Teresa and Andrea!