Monday, October 18, 2010

Truth Is Stranger #113: Tree-sus

Man Sees Jesus in Sawed Tree Trunk

Since this demands a riff of some sort:
  • Tree-sus, thank you Mr. Reporter, isn't bad.
  • The Tree of Life?
  • The Joshua Tree?
  • The Tree of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Jesus?
  • I learned about panentheism in school, but I didn't think it looked like this.

--By the way, I love how this is inspiring our lumberjack to go to Church more often. I'll be the very first to grant the Lord works in mysterious ways, but I want to be there for that altar call.


Help for Tori continues. There's been a lot of good out of this--good conversations and conscience-raising around town, people working on this benefit together who normally don't collaborate, etc. And between two bloggers, I believe we're at $4000. But she really needs much more. Please consider it. Thanks.


Jeff Miller said...

Obviously from the stump of Jessie

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I think it looks more like Junípero Serra

Anonymous said...

I see many wonderful trees when I hike the Appalachian Trail. I can see why scripture uses the image of a tree so often as a metaphor for the People of God.

The trees awaken the senses and help me to explore and learn, to treasure the seasons. Their branches extend above walking trails and the leave and the grass to provide shade. Shade, where I can sit and open my self up and listen to with my heart to hear the wild calling of the breeze on the air and the sunlight around. Trees help me to become aware of magnificent beauty and to coexist with the excellence and perfection of creation.

Anonymous said...

I invited my friends to come to dinner,
I didn’t care who, be it saint or sinner,
I was planning a feast that would rival a king,
But I didn’t far before the excuses began to ring.

A chorus of voices began to call
Reasons they would not darken my hall,
The distance, the chores, the schedule at work,
It wasn’t too long before I felt very hurt.

So I sit here this evening, as I always do,
Alone at my table eating left over stew,
Listening to music from happier days,
And reading an article from the society page.

CMinor said...

For some reason I couldn't get the link to work;
here's another

I guess it looks a bit like a person wearing a long robe and pointing, but beyond that I couldn't discern a resemblance to Jesus or anyone else in particular. I've noticed, however, that some Dr. Who fans have drawn a more sinister conclusion as to what the image represents.

CMinor said...

It reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey's cartoon "The Contralto", which unfortunately I can't find anywhere on the Nets.

April Camus said...

I believe in the Holy Trinity and I venerate the Mother of God, but it is hard to me to understand (even if Jesus had a so ignominious death) why they had to appear like this, excuse me, in so an undignified way. I know where Jesus was born, where and how he died, but why appearing like this? Or in a sandwich? On the floor?

Anyway, good for him if his faith got reinvigorated.