Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What to do today? an Ipod Touch?

It's possible...through this giveaway, if you donate for Tori at Stephanie's site. Her donations run ends October 21, and the IPod will be be given away to someone randomly selected from you good-hearted donors (if you donate at HER site!).

The fact that there is a woman out there who began a campaign the very same time I did for Tori, which neither of us knowing, says to me God is at work in this. I'm fine with more money going through her chip-in--It's all going to the same place! Local folks, we're doing a "fun run walk and roll" around one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes (one of the smaller ones) as a fundraiser October 30th. Look for it! In the meantime, you non-local folks--if you can spare a dollar, it will make a difference!

p.s. the chip-in total has been wrong for three days--it's a problem with the widget, not the program. We have about double that amount for Tori now, and dear friends told me they were making a very, very big donation today directly to Reece's Rainbow. We're moving! Keep praying, spreading the word, looking for Tori's parents!

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