Thursday, December 02, 2010

Truth Is Stranger #117: Go Tell It From the Rooftops--uh, wait on that.

Is nothing sacred? Not even the roof over our heads?

Lead thieves Use Google Earth To Target Churches

LONDON (Reuters) – Thieves in Britain are using Google Earth to target lead roofs on Church of England buildings to sell on the lucrative metals market, a Church spokesman said.

About 8,000 churches have made insurance claims for lead theft worth about 23 million pounds during the past three years, the Church's estate commissioner Tony Baldry said during a debate in Westminster Hall.

In many cases, churches have replaced their roofs only to be targeted again, in one case 14 times....

Good grief, these churches often survived the Blitz-- but are being done in by the booming lead market? How truly bizarre.

On the other hand, looks like a brilliant time to go green and install a grass lawn roof.  Or spray paint "Thou Shalt Not Steal" on the rooftop (and smile for Google Earth as you do it)....

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