Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's QOTD

If consumer products are sacral fetishes, the mall is the cathedral of consumption, where we process to ease our hunger for relationship and transcendence. We purchase products called Absolut, Eternity, Infiniti, Opium, Love, Idole, Happiness, Joy....The 'habitus' of capitalism is a mode of life in which human existence is ontologically grounded in the world of things.

--John Kavanaugh, SJ
Who Count As Persons? p. 146

(although now we'd say the internet is the cathedral of consumption....)


Anonymous said...

The NEWEST Cathederal

Allen's Brain said...

Don't know if he ever read Kavanaugh, but George Romero seems to make the same devotional point in the original "Dawn of the Dead."

Or am I just looking for a reason to show zombie movies at church?