Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Michaelangelo? There's...NOT an app for that....

  • Love art?
  • Love theology?
  • Love apps?

Then you may want to help my friend Eileen create this app for instant interpretative help for Christian art in museums all over the world.  Eileen teaches theology at Loyola in Chicago--she is incredibly talented and knows what she is talking about (both in art interpretation and theology), and a born teacher.  She's looking for crowd-sourcing funding.  So I ask you--check out her pitch video and stick with it until the end (five minutes?)--and prepare to be impressed.

Spread the word to religious art lovers you know!  Thanks!


Diana von Glahn said...

What a fabulous idea. I will be posting this on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I tried to email Eileen, but that website requires that you create an account to do so. Would you mind passing this info on to her?
I am an editor (I've worked in publishing since 1998) who would be happy to help with any copyediting for free. Just shoot me an email. diana(at)thefaithfultraveler.com

The Ironic Catholic said...

Diana, I'll pass it along!