Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More Cool Things To Give Up During Lent

Ash Wednesday is only a week away--so forget giving up chocolate, sugar, and caffeine. Get your "rightly ordered loves" on and choose one of these for your six week fast:

  1. All apps (includes that cool confession app. Buck up and use the parish flyer, wimps)
  2. Wii. Or Glee. Or any one syllable word ending in "eeeeee".
  3. Depraved indifference (hint)
  4. Thiamin
  5. Using wheels (cars, bikes, buses, office chairs, pizza cutters)
  6. Wearing colors
  7. Brushing your hair (hint: may want to shave it off first)
  8. Your nice rosary beads. Go for plastic.*
  9. Hand lotion (if you have seriously dry skin, use Vaseline petroleum works)
  10. Being "cool" (aka hawt, awesome, epic, groovy, neat, a first class panderer to the latest cultural craze, getting your Lenten observance ideas from a Catholic humor blog....)
The original cool things to give up for Lent may be found here.

*(I'm not asking you to toss your blessed rosary beads, people.)


Defend Us In Battle said...

You knew there had to be a detractor right?
Sorry :(

I don't agree with the Rosary idea. A Rosary is a SACRAMENTAL, so it holds a spiritually important place aside from the prayers itself.

I think while the sentiment is right, the understanding is somewhat faulty and could lead to a misunderstanding of what the beads are and their role. They arent simply a mechanical counting device...

I do love the list though!

Ray from MN said...

Hey, I'm ahead of the game.

After many years, I switched to Vaseline for my hands a couple of weeks ago. Much cheaper, too.

And, I gave up pizza cutters long ago. I use scissors! Gotta cool it a bit, though, first.

ksam said...

Ok...gotta put in my .02!! Using your fingers to do a Rosary..for me...means really really having to pay attention! So...perhaps giving up the beads themselves might be a really good idea!

Just a thought! :-)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hmmm--how about using a plastic rosary rather than a nice one?

I can see the issue, esp. with blessed rosaries. Hadn't thought of that. Was thinking of John of the Cross forcing Teresa of Avila of giving up her "hand cross", which she said helped her pray, but he thought there was an unnatural attachment to it. I'll tweak this.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Can we give up Charlie Sheen news for Lent? Oh, wait, the penance is HAVING to listen to all that fertilizer spewing from that orifice...

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I'll be giving up Riboflavin...and xanthan gum. ;) It's amazing how many things have xanthan gum in them!

Badger Catholic said...

Scissors Ray? You crack me up!

Mark said...

Great stuff! Love the brash dry humor. Sometimes religious people take themselves way too seriously. Thank you for this post!

Three-Fold Cord, A Married Couples Meditations on God

Sarah said...

Ha, this reminds me of my volunteer year, when one of my roommates gave up using spoons. Other people had to serve her at the dinner table, and she learned to eat yogurt with a fork.
This year, I really am planning to give up watching Glee. I should read a book instead of listening to auto-tuned cover songs.

Veronica Gantley said...

Maybe I could give up iodine. You know, they add it to table salt. Maybe I will use kosher from now on.

Panda Rosa said...

I thought you meant "theramin" instead of thiamin. How am I going to enjoy cheesy '50s sci-fi movies without the "oooooo-ooo-oooo-oo"?

CMinor said...

Badger, actually a good pair of kitchen scissors is probably the easiest way to slice up a pizza--and none of it ends up on the floor.

I'm perplexed about the Thiamine, though. I'd either have to give up the whole multivitamin or choose something else,'cause I don't think I can exactly extract the stuff!