Tuesday, March 15, 2011

These are a few of my favorite blogs

(Sorry if you're going to be singing that Sound of Music song all day now.)

Beware the ides of March--
Go Catholic media visiting instead! Today is Catholic Media Promotion Day!

How to play:

On March 15, everyone with a blog, podcast, or Facebook page should list their favorite 3 blogs, 3 podcasts, 3 other media, 3 random Catholic things online, and their own projects.

Then post the link to the list here on March 15th. Additionally, to help get the word out, press are asked to write articles and press releases for this day.

Lastly, on March 15th, go to iTunes and leave at least 3 positive written reviews for various Catholic podcasts and 3 positive written reviews for Catholic mobile applications.


As for me--well, I'm really more into the blogs than anything else. But right now, I'm enjoying the newly rebooted Korrektiv (bad Catholics, blogging at a time near the end of the world), The Deacons' Bench (good portal to all news Catholic, even better at Patheos), and (God help me) the random observances on life and art at The Crescat. I like a bunch more too, but the rules do say three!

Random Catholic thing online: uh, I can schlep my book Dear Communion of Saints here, right?
And Sacred Space -- which leads you daily through lectio divina, with an Ignatian influence-- is awesome.

I don't do ITunes and apps, but I fully support my friend Eileen's prospective app on interpreting Christian art in museums all over the world.

Happy visiting!

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Christine Falk Dalessio said...

can we change this to Catholic posting week?