Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Truth Is Stranger #120: Papa Manga

Indeed. The encyclicals, the interview...the comic for WYD '11.

Ht John at Neatorama.


stuartbreck said...

I think this is great! When I ran a small bookshop I bought a series of books (the name of which escapes me) from the Catholic and Anglican book convention, one the cover of one was Paul clinging to a piece of wood, around him were Roman soldiers looking scared, they are all out at sea. Paul says smiling, "Hey, this isn't so bad, it's my third shipwreck." They sold out.

The one about the Plagues of Egypt was funny too, up to a point. My point is that humorous presentation is wonderful for middle school aged children to get the story into their heads by the use of humor. If you think about Catechism classes, you are presenting material that only later in life will they completely understand. The comics do something similar.

Panda Rosa said...

I remember the John Paul II comic, this looks like a fine sequel.