Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What kind of Bible are you?

In honor of the New American Bible Revised Edition, just released:

Are you a New American Bible Revised Edition, a King James Bible, or the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures?

  1. When you read poetry, you prefer...  A. Robert Frost  B. William Shakespeare C. the psalms
  2. Which painting do you prefer?  A. American Gothic  B. anything Caravaggio.  Or stained glass.  C. Graven images?!  How dare you!
  3. When you pray to Jesus, you prefer to... A. be plain spoken  B. add an -eth to every verb  C. speak in Aramaic
  4. When you talk to Mary, the Mother of God, you think... A. young woman  B. Virgin Mother  C. Amma!
  5. How concerned are you about accuracy in translation of the Bible?  A. quite concerned, this is inspired and should reflect the best we have to offer in linguistic knowledge  B. beauty needs no linguistic debate  C. you miss a breath mark in the New Testament and you're hearing from me, lady.
  6. What style of worship space do you prefer?  A. Trappist oratories: spare and elegant  B. St. Paul's Cathedral, London  C. the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
  7. What's your favorite supper?  A. a simple meat and three vegetables  B. You're seen Babette's FeastThat feast.  C. loaves and fishes
  8. What is your favorite spiritual practice?  A. lectio divina  B. composing liturgical music for orchestra  C. sitting at the foot of the Lord.  Or declining Greek nouns.
  9. What's your favorite word quirk?  A. trying to find the simplest word for complicated ideas  B. I just love the word "ye"  C. 3/4 of the time, I read backwards and have no use for vowels
  10. What does your Bible cover look like?  A. heavy paper  B. leather  C. A large cloth bag.  They're scrolls, after all.


Jackie said...

1.A Robert Frost
2.B Caravaggio
3 A be plain spoken
4 A young woman
5 A quite concerned....
6 C the wailing wall in Jerusalem
7 A simple meat and veg
8 C sitting at the foot of Our Lord
9 A trying to find the simplest word for...
10 B leather

what does that make me?

The Ironic Catholic said...

you're a cross between KJV and NABre!

C=original text

Steve T. said...

1. C. The Psalms
2. B. Anything Caravaggio
3. A. Plain spoken.
4. C. Amma
5. A. and B. they both matter. Beauty and accuracy.
6. A. Trappist Oratories
7. A. Simple meat and veggies
8. A and C It's hard to separate the two.
9. A. simplest word
10.All of the above, I have ten