Thursday, April 07, 2011

"The good news is that we have the money. The bad news is that it's in your wallet."

An oldie but goodie.

Lenten almsgiving opportunity!

Everyone, I am a Reece's Rainbow "Easter Warrior" for little Anthony, a 5 yr old with CP in Eastern Europe who needs a family badly and soon. To put it bluntly, Anthony is on borrowed time. If he is not adopted very soon, he (like every other child between 4-6 years old) will be transferred to an institution for older children and adults, and his future in one of these places is very bleak. I have heard where he is scheduled to go,* and people who have been there has been utterly unnerved by what they have seen: people with special needs in beds/cribs all day, no interaction, no stimulation. It's part of the inherited culture of Soviet occupation--and while there are real efforts to change the orphanage/institution system for people with special needs in these countries, there is a very long way to go. Adoption is his absolute best hope, and a real move for the culture of life.

If you can pitch any money at all in the Chip-In here, it would be greatly appreciated. All money gets deposited directly at Reece's Rainbow, a Christian ministry and advocacy organization for adopting children with special needs internationally. It will go into an adoption grant account for Anthony, so when someone chooses to adopt him, they will get that money to pay for adoption expenses. An adoption in that country costs about $24,000. Anthony has a $7000+ grant! There are people who want to adopt these beautiful children; money is the only thing that stands in the way. And we can fix that!

Anthony's picture is to the left of the blog, and more of his story is right here.

And if you want to adopt--or know someone who does--please feel free to contact me for more info, or contact Andrea at RR.

*I'm not trying to be ambiguous, but Reece's Rainbow is not allowed to post online the waiting child's country. I do know the country if someone out there is needing to know.

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