Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swiss Chocolates Communicate "the Fullness of Easter Joy", Calvinists Disturbed

Geneva, Switzerland: A major chocolate confectioner (not this one) reports being "very pleased" with a Catholic-friendly advertising campaign for Easter chocolates.

"It all began when we hired an out of work sacramental theologian and liturgist, and he kept telling us over and over about the importance of 'the fullness of the sign'.  You know, like baptism is baptism if the correct words are said, fluid used, but the sign is more fully communicated when the person is fully plunged into the water to 'die with Christ'," explained an earnest Swiss chocolatier who wished to remain anonymous.  "And let's be honest, there is chocolate and there is brown cocoa-flavored wax.  It seems like a natural fit, that fine chocolate communicated the fullness of truth, beauty, and joy."

This theological insight became an advertising campaign, angled especially to Catholics in Europe.  Bus boards and ads in Catholic magazines and journals displayed a basket of gourmet chocolate, stating "He Truly Is Risen.  Rejoice! with the Fullness of the Sign of Fine Chocolate".  Some ads, arguably playing on anti-American sentiment, substituted the above words with "He Truly Is Risen. You Can't Want To Eat Russell-Stovers."

While Catholics flocked to joyous indulge on Easter morning, some Calvinists found the ad campaign "disturbing."  As one Calvinist minister, who also preferred to speak on anonymity, said: "This was all new to me since I'm an iconoclastic Calvinist, and we choose nothing. Free will was lost in the Fall.  The Gospel truth is that we're predestined to Fine Chocolate, none at all, or for the irredeemably fallen, Hershey's."

The Catholic Bishop of Geneva, mouth full of chocolate, could not be induced to comment of this story.



Allen's Brain said...

I saw some candy boxes with religious easter-y greetings on them Sunday afternoon. I think it was Russell-Stovers.

CMinor said...

Hey, I'll take Hershey's. The last shall be first, and all that.

Kerri said...

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