Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Random Not-So-Deep Thoughts from Rome

  • Having seen all this religious art, I’ve concluded the iconoclasts really needed to eat their Wheaties and get over themselves.
  • It’s odd and sweet to see people who look like my Grandpop again and again (who was the son of Italian immigrants).
  • People have said I look Italian, but any illusion of that in Italy was disabused as soon as I opened my mouth.
  • I’m taking that “Prego” does not prefer to that bane of a spaghetti sauce here.
  • It’s odd to be able to sort of understand what is said to me (I speak decent Spanish; it’s similar), but not have a clue how to respond.
  • It seems as though public bathrooms are a novelty in Rome. Or I was just unlucky that way.
  • Also, the exit signs have this cute little man running for his life.  It makes you think that wherever you're going, you better hurry.
  • Hanging around Rome this past weekend, you’d think everyone was a priest or religious sister. I half expected someone to come up and say “Hey! Where’s your veil?” Now I’m typing in Chicago and wondering where they all are.
  • Finally, I mentioned that I was pretty sure I was price gouged on the taxi ride to where I was staying.  The trip TO the airport was 25% cheaper.  I was so grateful I gave him a really good tip.  Then I found out I was deposited at the wrong terminal.  Ai.

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Ray from MN said...

Who needs theology when I have a real theologian for my tour guide.