Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There's God, right by nebula 4! (Made you look!)

Houston, TX: A combination of physicists and humorists from around the globe were mildly disappointed that Pope Benedict did not use his in flight conversation with the space shuttle astronauts to put to bed the famous comment attributed to the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin: "I don't see any God up here."

"If it had been me," commented RBCU* professor of physics Henry Gilson, S.J., "I would have been strongly tempted to tell the astronauts 'Hey, I want to share something I haven't told anyone else: there's God, right by nebula #4!' Or I at least would have begged them to say out loud 'Oh, yeah, I see God all over the place up here. That other guy musta been blind or something.'"

An unnamed humorist thought that although it was probably better that the Holy Father discussed lofty spiritual matters in a manner befitting his office, it was a shame he didn't go for some light humor: "The Holy Spirit's right out your left window! Heh, made you look. Although He is, you know" and "Could you count all the stars from there? I know Father Abraham had a tough go of that, but you're a lot closer, yes?" and "Have you seen Doctor Who up there yet? Because if I weren't a devout Christian, I'd want to smackdown some Daleks."

The Vatican Council on Social Communication said they would take such future conversations and humor possibilities under deep, deep, deep advisement.**


*RBCU=Really Big Catholic University
** triple deep advisement means never in a million years.


Panda Rosa said...

That one about counting the stars was cute.
Pope Benedict strikes me as a sensible man; no doubt he has a sense of humor, but seems to keep it low key.

CMinor said...

Not to digress from the humor, (why do I imagine Benedict as being partial to deep philosophical jokes that most of us wouldn't get?) but I thought I'd let you know where this post took me...

I tried to track down a quote ostensibly made by some clergyman at the time to the effect that if Gagarin had never seen God on the earth it was unsurprising that he did not see him in the heavens. I couldn't find it, but I did find that Gagarin never made the statement attributed to him. He seems to have been a practicing Orthodox Christian all his life:

Some time ago I read an account of a fire aboard the space station. Once the crew had put it out, the cosmonaut on board at the time retreated to his private space and spent some time in prayer before a small Madonna and Child icon he had brought with him.