Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Is it prayer, or is it a headache?

OK, in my day vocation, I'm writing an academic book on John Paul II's Theology of the Body (you can check out the abstract at the Louisville Institute, which kindly gave me a grant to do this).

I have a holy card of JP II from the beatification, much like this picture at right. I sometimes look at it when I am crawling the writer's block wall (which I have been this week). So the question is...

Is he praying for me?, or is he thinking: "Wowzer. She's really messing up my theology"?

Either interpretation seems plausible this week.

Your prayers would be appreciated. I've run into a couple of big stumbling blocks.

And if I'm slow in the postings at the IC, this is much of the reason.

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M Hennessy McCarthy said...

God Bless! Thanks so much for turning your frustrations into humor to help the rest of us cope with our own...