Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poll: WYD Confessionals, the "Secret Design Name"

Valladolid en la JMJ 5

OK, I love WYD. A smashing idea and event all round. But I have to admit the confessionals look...um...well, you tell me.

The poll at the top of the blog has five options, one of which reveals the "secret design name". Wikileaks has nothing on us, friends. Your options are:
  • Come sail away, come sail away with me from mortal sin (sing it with me!)
  • WYDaeku by IKEA
  • The Anti-Dilbert Cubicle
  • Step into the White Flames of Fire or Hell Fire: you choose.
  • Beam Me Up, Father.
  • Other (add in the midrash/comments)
Have at it.

UPDATE! We have a winner! "Beam Me Up Father" beat "WYDaeku by IKEA" by 10 votes. Indeed, as a blogger democracy, we just scooped wikileaks. Now, we all know, for better or worse....


The Ironic Catholic said...

If this were a caption contest:
Michael thought it was interesting all these men in white wanted people to sit down to a game of checkers. When he joined them, he found it to be the most existential game of checkers he had ever played. Must be some Spanish version.

Meredith Gould said...

Want to vote for ALL the options. Your vision makes my day!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I think the 2nd priest up is being punished by having to sit in the corner. He has no chair for a penitent & there's no grill visible

Ray from MN said...

WYD: Where You Divulge

Gayle said...

Just came home from WYD...I think they have more confessionals than bathrooms.

Allen's Brain said...

Can I confess my dislike for this design?

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athletic clothing said...

nice info about WYD Confessionals but i don't think its the Secret Design Name?

Enri- Ikea en Valladolid said...

It is true that this is a strange way to make confession. Who designed this thing????