Monday, August 29, 2011

Truth Is Stranger #124: The "Let My People Go" Toilet Seat Cover

...It just brings the theocosmic drama of the Exodus down to earth, you know?

Officially, this rates four "bleahs" out of five.

Yeah, you can buy it, if you must. Don't come to me about the state of your immortal soul, though.

HT: Ship of Fools.


LarryD said...

Do they have one that reads "Seat of Wisdom"? I'd totally buy that.

Anonymous said...

So this is designed to look like a matzoh, which is the bread substitute eaten by most Jews during Passover. It's commonly known and oft joked about that a side effect of eating no leavened bread or wheat products for 8 days is rather severe constipation.

Does it make more sense now? Pretty typical Jewish humor.

Holly Rutchik said...

THAT is great. Don't worry, I won't blame you for the state of my soul - to your face :)

Paul Cat said...


My high school had a "Seat of Wisdom" out side of the dean's office. Carved in big letters on the bench it read "Seat of Wisdom." It wasn't till years later that I realized "Seat of Wisdom" was a title for Mary.

LarryD said...

Paul - do I need to go to confession now?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Anon--thanks. Get it. But still. Is Moses proud right now?

LarryD, I'll answer for Paul. Why don't you ask Mary? or, just go to Confession, b/c you may make the priest's day for that one.

Jeffrey Quick said...

It seems anti-Semitic to me, if "my people" is what you let go of there.