Monday, September 19, 2011

F'thr Pete the Pirate Receives His First Parish Assignment

A once a year series in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, mateys. Arrrg! Pass the grog!


Last we port Pete th' Swashbuckler, he be gettin' ordained t' th' Holy Priesthood. Now our matey an` spiritual f`thr got hisself a parish, Star o' th' Sea Church. The Bishop be striding up to make a friendly call.

Bishop: Ahoy thar, F'thr Pete!

Fr Pete (smiling): Yo ho ho, it be me fa'orite landlubbing Bishop! How be ye today?

Bishop: Right fine, Pete. 'Tis a beauty of a day in God's good creation. I jus' be wanting to check and see how you be gettin' along thar.

Fr Pete: Bishop, I be doin' grand. I be havin' started all these new evangelization projects, an' th' swabbies seem t' be really respondin' t' them.

Bishop: Ye don't say now? Tell me, bucko.

Fr Pete: Garrr. Well, I decided t' start simple, be seein', an' I told th' hospitality committee they be servin' burgoo instead o' donuts after Mass fer now on. T' be in sympathy wi' th' poor, I be seein'.

Bishop: Aye?

Fr Pete: Aye, they be shoveling it down their gullet right smart when I be looking at them--and this Lent, we be servin' hardtack. And then th' Holy Church, I noticed 't be needin' a spit-shine, 't be lookin' starboard dingy fer our Lord's house. So I gave th' clistin' committee lassies some holystones an' told them t' swab 'till they be seeing their reflection in th' pews. Aye, they be a bunch of sprogs, but I be done proud. They be working 12, 14 hours on th' Holy poopdeck thar.

Bishop: Arrr, F'thr Pete....

Fr Pete: Oh, and Bishop, I be saving the best for last. When I be askin' fer lectors an' musicians, th' entire parish signed up. Ever' last mate. They be fightin' t' be first in line, I tell ye!

Bishop (forcefully): F'thr Pete, belay already--sit ye down. I be afraid somet'ing is happenin' here.

Fr Pete: Success, yer Excellency?

Bishop: Ah, no, me son. I think yer parish be frightened of ye. They be having the Davies, like.

Fr Pete: Avast, Bishop! It canna be! I be as gentle as th' cook servin' extra slop t' th' sea sick ones below deck!

Bishop: Bucko, think ye back now. Say you anyt'ing to be threat'ning, at all? No jokes about walkin' th' plank?

Fr Pete: Shiver me timbers, Bishop. I be givin' me life to Christ, and dunna joke about such a thing. All I be doing is asking the mateys from my days of livin' on the account to help out.

Bishop: "Help out"?

Fr Pete: Aye, Jack an` Jamie an` Henry asked to be baptized aft`r me ordination, an' wantin` t' help. So I be havin' them be`in greeters t' th' congregation.

Bishop (sighing): F'thr, I be speakin' clearly now: I have gott'n complaints about some o' yer mateys growling that they be wanting to "keelhaul yer souls" when the parishioners be walking in. Anot'er told a lassie "Wench, get ye covered or I be wrappin' a sail about ye" and another that th' cat o' nine tails is a hangin' in wait fer the first heretic they be finding.

Fr Pete: Arr. The buckos ar' enthusiastic, like.

Bishop: Aye, but first thin' they be hearin` in yer foyer, laddie? Tis a hospital fer sinners an' a house o' mercy, Pete. Ye know that better than most. An' yer flock, they need be knowin' that. I know yer heart be good, Pete, but yer flock nay be as tough as yer mateys.

Fr Pete: I be talkin' to the buckos smartly, Bishop. I hear ye and be takin' care of it.

Bishop: An' I be stopping the burgoo, lad. It being the day of the resurrection an all. Resurrection and burgoo, nay, it dunna mix.

Fr Pete: Righto, me Cap'n Bishop. But may I ask ye one thing?

Bishop: O' course, me son.

Fr Pete: May I be applying me new pirate evangelization approach for the toughest biscuits? Adult Faith Formation?

Bishop (pauses to think, nods): Aye, F'thr Pete, wit' me every blessing. `Tis our cross t` bear, an' ye strike ou' t` sail against that storm immediately. God go wit' ye, me lad.

Fr Pete strides purposefully into the Church, chuckling yo ho ho ho ho....

(' this be call'd a cliffhang'r! See ye next year!)

UPDATE! Ahoy, I see up from t' mizzenmast--thar be Cap'n Morgan's words o' wisdom at LarryD's jollyboat!

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Cap'n Malcolm Creed said...

I be t'inkin' of joinin' yer right fair parish, F'thr Pete, an' mebbe even headin' up the choir, aye, tis a truth. I rightly enjoy Gregaaaarrrrian chant, aye I do.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Cap'n--aye, but no cannon fire allowed in the Gloria, now. be ye willing to put down t' penny whistle n' learn ye some organ?

LarryD said...
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Cap'n Malcolm Creed said...

Aaarrr, the name be Malcolm Creed an' not Morgan Creed. Can ye b'lieve I got me own name wrong? Aye, 'tweren't the grog, mark me word, as I've not touched a drop of sauce in many a moon...

The Ironic Catholic said...

Tis yer Confirmation name, mate.

Rose of Sherwood said...

I love that the landlubbin' bishop meets his priest where he's at...namely, communication via pirate lingo.