Friday, September 02, 2011

The most literary review I could ever hope to receive

Joseph O'Brien (in The Catholic Times, LaCrosse, WI): "Perhaps satire's motive is best understood as the mother wisdom we are all familiar with--"If you don't laugh, you'll cry." The world is just so full f these flawed, featherless bipeds known as human beings that, like the Roman satirist Juvenal, we can't help but observe how difficult it is not to write satire. But for that reason 'Dear Communion of Saints' serves as a perfect mirror for our own foibles and flaws."

Thank you! I didn't even know it, but it has been my life's aspiration to have my written work connected to Juvenal in the same paragraph. The next person who writes a review for DCOS or Felon Blames 1970s Church Architecture for Life of Sin -- my life will be complete if you can connect the books with Euripides. Or Schopenhauer. Your choice.

Seriously, it is a generous (albeit not online) review, and if you can't read the review, you could just buy the book....hint, hint....

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Allen's Brain said...

Like Euripides or Schopenhauer, most of my friends have never read the works of the Ironic Catholic.