Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Want a funny book? Mercury Rises Released and (Sort of) Reviewed!

I know, I know, hard to believe I'm not hawking my own!

Friend o' the blog, Rob Kroese, publishes today his sequel to Mercury Falls, named...Mercury Rises. (On the cover: "The most highly anticipated sequel to Mercury Falls ever written!" Hee.) So glad Mercury has an angelic bungee cord... this was too much fun to leave be with only one story.

I received a proof copy a few weeks ago and my husband--yes, my professional writer husband--picked it up and has not let me look at it. He has declared it "better than the first." Now I really liked the first, so I await time to read it with bated breath. (See, I'm under a serious deadline to finish writing MY book--not funny, it's an academic tome--and a serious deadline in my heart to get Alex out of his institution and into our home as our son. AKA I'm swamped.) Rob is a talented guy and this is worth your $2.99 on Kindle, I'm sure. There's a paper version too.

So go forth and read!

I hear Fr. Jim Martin has a humor book just released too. I haven't read it (hey! see my life, above), but although I'm sure it is enjoyable, thoughtful, and a great read, I'll place my bets that Mercury Rises is a bit edgier. And that the two authors may enjoy each other's company for lunch. (And I wanna be there, you two.)


The Big Whopping Bleg for Alex (plus cool giveaway) continues, until Friday. Thanks for your prayers and support.


Peter Brown said...

ObNitPick: IC, that's "bated breath", as in "abated", as in you're holding your breath in anticipation. "Baited breath" describes a cat sitting outside a mousehole with cheese breath.


The Ironic Catholic said...

But maybe I MEANT I wanted cheese!

Ok, OK. I'll change it. Good catch!