Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Want to help change a life? Win a beautiful rosary too? UPDATED

Friends, you know from a previous post that we are thick in the middle of living out a call to adopt Alex, a beautiful 5 yr old child of God who lives in Eastern Europe and is stuck in a (VERY) basic care institution simply because he has CP. Some people have asked what they can do to help change Alex's life. And the first thing we always say is pray for Alex's protection. Children with special needs are in pretty dire straits if they are orphaned in this country: no school ever, primitive care, limited treatment for their diseases or disabilities. While we have recent information that he is doing OK, considering, we'd very much like it to stay that way and pray for his protection every morning and evening.

But the second reality is that international adoption is not cheap at all. No one I know has $25,000 cash lying around. While we are in a better situation than we could have expected financially, we could really use help with the pre-travel expenses associated with this adoption. For example, sic needs to renew his passport ($110). We need to pay for all these documents to get apostilled ($3-10 a document, and there are what, 20 documents?). Paying to Fed Ex materials to this country so that they will actually GET there in less than three months ($200-300?). Paying for super special fingerprints for the USCIS ($720--yes, you read that right). We will make it happen. We've nearly paid for the home study and promise trust (that's over $4000). But could we use help? Oh yes, we can, trust me. We're pretty frugal folks--one older minivan for the family, lots of clearance back rack clothes shopping, well-versed in bean-based dishes, and vacations involve camping because it's cheap--but pinching pennies only goes so far.

We're running a giveaway to help raise these necessary funds. If you are led to help Alex (this is in the end for him! and even $5 is MUCH appreciated), put some money in the chip-in here, which goes into our paypal account:

Every person who donates money between now and October 21 will be added to our prayers. We will also use random.org on October 22 to choose a person to win a $30 credit at my sister-in-law Becky's Etsy shop, Roses for Mary. She hand-makes REALLY lovely rosaries out of clay and glaze--look at her shop feedback! People are truly delighted with these. A $30 credit is enough to buy one of the fanciest rosaries or 2-3 of the simpler rosaries or chaplets. Your selections must be limited to stock on hand. But here are some current samples:

They would make great Christmas presents, even if you aren't into rosey rosaries (and not all of them involve roses). So bookmark her store already! :-)

Also, if you aren't into rosaries (I know there are non-Catholic readers and friends out there), we'd be happy to give the winner a $30 Amazon gift card instead.

Please keep Alex in your prayers, and please spread the word about this giveaway via fb, Google+, twitter, your blog, email, or ye olde phone. It's humbling to ask for money...but for my son? I'd do much more than this.


UPDATE: Wow, folks. Thank you so much for your generosity, on just the first day of our begging.... We absolutely promise to make good use of this, and probably in the next 2-4 weeks. Thank you so much, and Alex would thank you if he knew (maybe? maybe? there's a stirring in his heart that something is happening?). The giveaway continues to run through Oct 21.


Justin Condreay said...

I'm just a poor college student... BUT I will keep you all in my prayers. Also, I'm going to forward this blog on to my parish. Good luck and God Bless!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Justin, your prayers and passing the word are MUCH appreciated. Thank you!

Jam said...

Oh, he really is beautiful! Look at his smile!

Katie@NFP and Me said...

My husband and I will be praying for your family! I'll be reposting this as well! Also, How long will this be open?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Katie, you mean the giveaway? Until Oct 21. And thanks!

(Jam, I totally agree he is beautiful!)

Karen said...

I plan to help you with a donation, but did you know that PayPal supports Planned Parenthood? Just thought you might not know this bit of info. I sure didn't!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Um, no...could you email me some verification of that?

ironiccatholic at yahoo dot com

Karen said...

This information was received from Life Decisions International published on LifeNews.com (http://www.lifenews.com/2011/09/12/pro-life-group-lists-companies-backing-planned-parenthood/) and quoted via Catholic Parents Online out of Minneapolis (cpo.org). PayPal is a subsidiary of ebay which is a backer of Planned Parenthood. I do not use PayPal anymore;however I did so for your cause, and probably should have contacted you for another way to donate. God bless your efforts.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Karen, my (brand new) understanding is that "backing" involves allowing sellers to give part of their profit to Planned Parenthood, or any other registered 501c3. The decision is in the hand of the seller on EBay. It's a very limited connection, and the money comes from the seller more than EBay.

In any case, if anyone wants to send me a check instead, email me at ironiccatholic at yahoo dot com and I'd be happy to give you an address.

Nancy Piccione said...

I donated, and am praying for your family. Thank you for keeping us updated on this.