Monday, November 14, 2011

Further rejected book lines

From the latest rough draft writing of the serious book, in this section, discussing Gen 3:16-19:

There are three aspects taken from a casual reading of the passage: 1) God makes childbirth painful, 2) Eve and all women get cursed by God as a punishment for sin, and 3) Adam appears to get off way easy.

Geez, it's hard to be an uppity academic.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Yeah, but think of all the pleasure Eve gets telling Cain & Abel as teenagers "When I was in labour for 24 (or doubling the actual time) hours with you..."

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the snake may have gotten off easy too.

Sarah said...

I consider funny lines a work of charity for the grad students who will read your book one day. If a book makes me laugh I am way more likely to agree with it.