Monday, November 07, 2011

Truth Is Stranger #128: So much classier than having the rosary hanging from the rear view mirror

What you never realized you needed--the steering wheel rosary. For sale for just $45.

Complete with the "Forget sorrowful, I'm stuck in traffic hell mysteries".

HT: Ship O'Fools.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

It'll be hard to remember to keep hands at 10 & 2...

Christina said...

I had a rosary shatter once when it got caught in the steering column during a turn. This seems much safer and less distracting!

Ray from MN said...

We should walk more. Have you heard of the "Anaerobic Mysteries of the Rosary?"

1. Mary and Joseph walk to Bethlehem
2. Mary and Joseph walk from Bethlehem to Egypt with Baby Jesus
3. Mary and Joseph walk back from Egypt to Nazareth with Toddler Jesus.
4. Jesus, Mary and Joseph walk to Jerusalem for Passover
6. Mary and Joseph walk all over Jerusalem looking for Jesus.

Bill Hoog said...

Can't decide if this is tackier than my glow in the dark rosary!!

Lisa said...

Linked here from Pintrest. This is super cool! But, gotta say I like having my rosary glinting in the sunlight as it swings from my rearview mirror! It's a simple form of silent testimony to my faith! And mine is very pretty.