Thursday, December 08, 2011

Calling all birth stories!

Hello all. Susan, the writer of the serious book, poking my head into this blog of occasional amusement.

A large section of this Theology of the Body, Extended book is on seeing the act and experience of childbirth as a spiritual sign. I need birth stories! If you have any written up (on a blog or just at home), I would love to read it and possibly use it in the book. I would be willing to put it in the book by first name or under anonymous, if it is a little explicit for your comfort; just MENTION THAT at the top of the story.

I'm especially interested if people have written stories that have a spiritual bent to them--even if the story is along the lines of "this experience was not a felt spiritual event for me." (p.s. I"d like to know why, if you don't mind!) I am focusing on natural childbirth, especially Bradley Method, but am open to stories where the birth was more "medically enhanced"....

Stories can be sent to my email at ironiccatholic at yahoo dot com, and please put in the subject line "Birth story".

Thanks in advance!


Christine Falk Dalessio said...

Of course, I haven't got a story, but I am SO intrigued by the idea of the book! Can't wait to see it!

Allison Welch said...

Hi Susan,
In honor of my son's 15th birthday I posted an edited version of the birth story I sent you.
Thanks again for asking, I really enjoyed writing and remembering it. BTW - I am a huge fan of Theology of the Body. Amazing stuff. Looking forward to the book (whether or not I make the cut! ;-)