Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dropping security blankets....

From Fr. James Martin via fb:

"Today on The Washington Post chat a reader mentioned something beautiful that I had never noticed: When Linus recites the story of the Nativity in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas,' he unexpectedly drops his security blanket. With the Word of God he has no need for any other security."

Spoken like a spiritual director, and Amen! On that note, I'll see you after Christmas (well, with a pre-set for Christmas Day). Blessed advent and blessed feast of the Incarnation, everyone.


Dave said...

Take note of when he drops his blanket--right after repeating the angel's message, "Fear not!"

Allen's Brain said...

Then, magically, it's back in his hand again when it cuts back to the long shot. Interesting. Never noticed the blanket drop before.