Sunday, February 19, 2012

Even more cool things to give up for Lent

Go beyond chocolate! Past years' efforts can be found here and here.

Even more cool things to give up for Lent, starting this Wednesday, Feb 22:

1. chap stick
2. jewelry
3. butter
4. trusting political figures to be our salvation
5. the letter z (you would have to work around every word with that letter in speech and writing. And before you knock it--it's constant vigilance, and harder than you think)
6. the words "liberal", "conservative", "traditional", and "progressive" (Catholic bloggers, see #5)
7. commercials (turn them off every time you watch TV or listen to the radio, and no lingering in newspapers or magazines)
8. internal speeches disguised as "prayers"
9. sleep from 5am-6am (Whee. Suddenly found prayer time!)
10. doubt. Really. Just live it, full out, for six weeks. See what happens.

BONUS: contraception! It's so darned topical these days. Kind of awkward to share at the water cooler on Wednesday, though. Also, doesn't work as well for priests and religious.

p.s. Chic (CHild of the Ironic Catholic) #2 wanted me to do a poll. See sidebar at the left of the blog and put your vote in!


The Ironic Catholic said...

Lifeteen has a somewhat similar list, but more serious....

Jan Rider Newman said...

I've given up most of these anyway!

Brian Sullivan said...

#5 What! No Zagnut or zeitgeist? (Well, atleast I can have a xylophone!) And what about Fr. Z?

IC said...

Brian--Ha! Hadn't thought of that, really! Fr Z could call himself "the Priest Formerly Known as Z" or something fun like that.

Steve Martin said...

Here's another great list (of 9 things) to give up for Lent:

Different...but I think better than the usual stuff.