Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids Say The Strangest Things, Again

In third grade at St. Stephen's today. . . .

STUDENT: Where did you get that chalice you use at Mass?
FR. MARK: It was an ordination gift from my parents and godparents.
STUDENT: Where did they get it?
FR. MARK: At Koley's here in Omaha.
STUDENT: Well, in a few years I'm going to get one.
FR. MARK: Are you going to be a priest?
FR. MARK: Ah, very good.
STUDENT: Yeah. My mom wants me to get married, so it's the only solution.

Talk amongst yourselves.
From Fr. Mark McKercher's FB feed (reprinted with permission)

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Ann said...

I'd be happy if my son became a monk, and I'm even Catholic.