Monday, October 08, 2012

One Body. Many Blogs: A Guide for Christian Bloggers

Of course a book on blogging would be an ebook!
Oh, lookie, we wrote something!

Seriously, this is a great idea and a fun project for a good cause.  T.J. Burdick ( ) corralled some of us to write our "ten commandments" of blogging and put it together with his own thoughts to make a cool little ebook for charity: One Body, Many Blogs.  (Love the title.  But apologies in advance to St. Paul.)

    T.J.'s description: One Body, Many Blogs is a collection of answers from some of the giants of the Catholic blogosphere to the following question:
    In your opinion, what are the “ten commandments” that Christian bloggers should keep in mind while pressing on in their digital mission?
       Their answers are diverse and extremely helpful for anyone who shares the charism of blogging.  Each response was treated it as if it were a blogpost in length, voice, style and content. As you will see, each blogger has created a unique and informative response that will provide you with ideas on how to develop your own particular voice through the communal blogging charism by which you feel called to participate in.

    (I clarify that this is TJ's description because goodness knows I am no giant.  I'm pleasingly plump in the blogosphere.  Or maybe that's just in real life.  Sigh.)

    Besides TJ, the contributors are:
    - Brandon Vogt (
    - Deacon Greg Kandra (The Deacon’s Bench)
    - Devin Rose (St. Joseph’s Vanguard)
    - Frank Weathers (Why I Am Catholic)
    - Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester)
    - Katrina R Fernandez (The Crescat)
    - Kevin Knight (New Advent)
    - Lisa Hendey (
    - Marc Barnes (BadCatholic and
    -  and moi (The Ironic Catholic)

    I tell ya, its better than a St. Louis Jesuits reunion! 

    All profits go to a Catholic school!
    OK, even if you're not sold on this particular collaboration, buy it for the kids.  We writers don't see a dime of profit, it all goes to San Juan Diego Academy, a Catholic school that serves immigrant children, located in Wyoming, Michigan.  It currently servers over 160 students annually and provides them with the academic and spiritual nourishment they need to build the the Catholic Church and the future of our nation. Their extended school day allows the students for opportunities to be exposed to the English language while still retaining their native cultures. On top of that, they are molded by the sacraments celebrating mass every Tuesday with several Priests and deacons from the area.

    San Juan Diego succeeds through the generous support of the larger community in the form of tuition assistance scholarships.  Parents are given an opportunity to reduce tuition costs through service hours which benefit the school.

    So what are you waiting for, a motu propioIts Latin translation?  A papal blurb on his Twitter feed?  Spread the good news and buy it here!  Thanks everyone!


    Christine Falk Dalessio said...

    Great idea! Can't wait to read my "copy" :)

    Fran said...

    I must admit it, I rarely wait for the motu propio! I'm on it!

    The Ironic Catholic said...

    Amazon can use some reviews, so others know what they're getting into (hint hint)....