Friday, November 09, 2012

A Happy Ending, But Not The Expected One

Remember Harper...?

Remember my friend Vera...?  The Ironic Ukrainian Catholic?

If you don't, here's the story.  Vera and her husband, friends of mine, were preparing to adopt "Harper" from an Eastern European country.  Harper is a nearly 5 year old girl with both HIV and HepC who needed a home and better treatment than the orphanage could provide pronto.  And Vera and her husband were ready to go, in terms of having all the mountains of paperwork done, having researched how to handle her special needs in their home state, etc.  But they were financially short.  International adoption is expensive.  International special needs adoption can be daunting, recognizing that finances will be stretched to care for your new child.

So Jennifer and I created a big huge giveaway that so many generous Catholic bloggers were a part of, to raise funds for an adoption grant to help them get to Harper sooner.  And by gum, you all raised the money, which was placed as a grant fund for their family to adopt through Reece's Rainbow.  You are amazing.  Just amazing. I can't tell you how often Jennifer and Vera and I sat at our respective computer screens and cried with gratitude.

Then Vera and her husband got personally hard news, something that very rarely happens.  Harper was chosen to be adopted by a family in her home country.  A country without much of an adoption culture.  A country with significant poverty and real lack of medical access.  But a family chose her, over many available children without special needs.  God bless that family.

That's good news on many levels.  You want to trust that a family that would step up and adopt a child with those needs would be one of the families there who can give her the medical care she needs. Vera and her husband decided to wait and see if this family would follow through on the adoption.  So, they waited, and waited, for weeks.

After being told this could be a long process, longer than their papers and dossier were approved for, they reluctantly wondered if God was calling them to a different child--after all, it looked like Harper was going to be cared for.  As of today, Harper is still unavailable for adoption, still "in process" in her home country.  We pray she is going to her new home soon.

This week, Vera and her husband passed court in that country to adopt "Cecilia," another child, also with special needs, on the Reece's Rainbow site. A child none of us knew--but God did!--suddenly has a family, and is already loved fiercely. 

I wanted to let people know what was going on, but thought it was wise to wait until Vera passed court in that country, because their process more or less has proven that anything could happen.  Their new daughter will be coming home in late November.

Don't worry, we're all keeping an eye on Harper.  But please pray for Harper, that she stays well and goes home soon.  Pray for "Danyl," the first child they committed to who has been reunited with his birth mother. And pray for "Cecilia," who--as I read Vera's blog--really needs out of there, at minimum emotionally.  And she is in for the biggest, best, and hardest transition of her young life.  Praise God who sets the fatherless in families.  And thank you again for being part of this great adventure in solidarity and love.

Vera and "Cecilia"

Happy homecoming, sweetie.  Soon.

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