Sunday, November 18, 2012

Truth Is Stranger #131: The Sistine Chapel Belongs In America, Darn It! Let's "Can-Do" This!

OK, I just got back from the American Academy of Religion meeting in Chicago, where thousands of academic professionals in religious studies and theology meet and eat overpriced book and salivate in the book exhibit and deliver papers with discussion.

One of the things advertised--which I never saw given the immensity of McCormick Center and my limited time there--was a recreation of the Sistine Chapel ceiling (500th anniversary ya know). I can't help but be reminded of the joke in Nashville about that city's life-sized Parthenon replica, made of sandstone rather than marble but otherwise identical: "Our Parthenon is just like that one over in Greece, only newer!" Anyway, The AAR may be disappointed to know recreating the ceiling has been done already:

Man Paints Sistine Chapel on Living Room Ceiling

(My favorite part?  ELVIS is in the room!  Look closely!)

(Second favorite part?  That ceiling fan, because everyone has thought: if only the Sistine Chapel has a ceiling fan to accent the art!  Ah, but if it were only four pronged--it would be a nice cross image....)

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Fran said...

Elvis?! Heck, I see Van Gogh and others as well. Awesomeness!!!!

BTW, do you really eat overpriced books there? Oh my! (Sorry, as the Queen of the late night/early morning post typo, I should talk!)