Monday, December 03, 2012

Dear Pope Benedict XVI: friendly constructive hints on tweeting

You may have heard the Pope is on Twitter.  He's in the house and on your IPhone, people.  Watch out.

Not that I am a tweeting magnate, but I have a few friendly suggestions I would love to see, Holy Father:

  1. Follow me! @ironiccatholic
  2. Create a blessing emoticon.  Seriously, you could do it.  Suggestion: +<--
  3. I challenge you to boil down Caritas in Veritate to 140 characters.  Preferably by the time I teach it this afternoon. 
  4. Put that shot out over the bow: no confessions will be heard via Twitter
  5. Talk about God, not the Church.  I don't know how many people I hear saw they are attracted to Catholicism except that we talk about the Church more than God.
  6. Have a tweet interview with Rocco (ahem @roccopalmo)
  7. We know you have a new book out.  Give away a signed copy via twitter!  Please?
  8. Don't use twitter as a search engine.  That's Google, Holy Father.  We love you, but that's a little embarrassing.
  9. Any comments on the lovely weather or food in Italy will serve as a near occasion of sin (ahem, jealousy).
  10. Make it sound like anything other than a parish bulletin and we will be delighted.  Have fun, Holy Father!

1 comment:

HermitofBardstown said...

I cannot wait to see how he will deal with 140 characters. Benedict is such a good writer, I bet he does great! And yes, please do talk about God and not the Church?