Thursday, December 06, 2012

Urgent prayer request

My 5 month old nephew Dominic has had major surgery to correct major facial/skull deformities and after a fairly OK night is in much worse condition this morning. He had a seizure the hospital called a code blue. He is stable now. Please pray for his healing today (and his family's as well--I think Mary, his mom, has been up 48 hrs straight). More here:

UPDATE (Fri am): Things still sound dicey.  He has "water diabetes," basically is having trouble regulating sodium levels, and when those levels crash, so does he.  Prayers still appreciated; his mom is asking for fasting today (Friday) if people are so moved. Thanks all.

UPDATE AGAIN (12/9): Things continue to improve.  The family still requests prayers.  More at the website.  Thanks for praying, everyone!

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