Monday, January 21, 2013

Bad Church Signs Week at the IC!

Yes, it doesn't have the same ring as Vocations Awareness Week (last week, ahem).  Maybe Bad Church Signs Awareness week?  Be aware, people--be very aware.

This is (of course) the buzz building to an announcement tomorrow, and a celebration the rest of the week.  But right now, just enjoy awful Church Signage and ironic commentary, thanks to Joel Bezaire (of the former blog Crummy Church Signs) and Rob Kroese (of the former Mattress Police):

No, I think you meant beer....

Big announcement tomorrow, January 22!  See you here!


Nate said...

It's a UCC church...don't ask for miracles. lol

Allen's Brain said...

I have a horrible, nagging feeling that my latest creation will turn up this week. :-D