Thursday, January 03, 2013

How Ms Frizzle Is A Lot Like Thomas Aquinas

 No one commented when I said my resolution was become the Ms Frizzle of theology for 2013.  I see you clearly need convincing of the value of my quest.  Ergo, to the bus!  The ten ways Ms. Frizzle is a lot like St. Thomas Aquinas....

  1. Thomas Aquinas explores every question known to man in a deliberate, turn over every philosophical stone manner.  Ms. Frizzle frequently shrunk her students to the size of stones to look at matter in a more detailed way. 
  2. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae is a masterpiece of argument and counterargument, resolved after getting everything out on the table.  Ms. Frizzle's motto is "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"  Same thing.
  3. Thomas Aquinas wore a Dominican habit with a rosary and scapular.  Ms. Frizzle wore the classic 1980s simple teaching dress covered with the topic of the day.  In other words, they wore their calling.
  4. Albert the Great called Thomas "the Whiz" (when "the Dumb Ox" moniker was insufficiently appreciated).  Ms Frizzle was called "the Friz."
  5. Ms. Frizzle had Lizzy the Lizard as a helper, sidekick, and occasional bus driver.  Thomas Aquinas probably had graduate assistants.
  6. Thomas Aquinas was a mendicant, a member of a teaching order that relied on providence for daily bread.  Ms. Frizzle was an impoverished public school teacher. 
  7. Ms. Frizzle took her students on field trips.  Thomas Aquinas took his students on head trips.
  8. Thomas Aquinas said "sed contra."  Ms. Frizzle said "Bus, do your stuff!"
  9. Thomas Aquinas had students who needed life lessons mixed in with their logic.  Ms. Frizzle had the very same students.
  10. Thomas's Summa remains unfinished.  The Magic School Bus is crying for completion of the series.
Bonus: Ms. Frizzle often said "Wahoo!"  Thomas Aquinas said "Alleluia."


Fran said...

I personally am left speechless in the presence of Ms. Frizzle. Even more so when she is in full on Thomist mode!

Bruski said...

Awesome list, thanks!