Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Temptation Bangs Forever": the book, the event, the movement

(I'm getting carried away by all the effervescently sweeping talk post-Inaugeration, I know.  But just look at this sign!)

Um, yeah.  Authorial intent may be lost on this one.  (cringe)

Everyone, Joel Bezaire and Rob Kroese (formerly of the blogs Crummy Church Signs and Mattress Police, and Rob is the author of the Mercury Falls/Rises/Rests trilogy and Disenchanted) got together to expose the worst Church signs ever (or at least in the past five years).  Complete with ironic commentary.  These guys both love Christianity but hate bad church signs.  The result: perfectly skewered Church sign kabobs.  Yum.

Yes, I wrote something in it, too.  They kindly asked me to write an intro to the chapter exposing bad church signs vis a vis theology, so I did.  Lots of other blogospheric names writing intros as well (admittedly, the rest are Protestant, but my introduction does mention Thomas Aquinas.  So you Catholic friends can go buy it.)

I have read the book, and once again, many of signs and commentary had me laughing to the point of crying.  It really is a funny book that makes you think.    

As the title implies...it is rated PG-13.  Just warning you.

So Happy Book Release Day!  Paperback on sale now at Amazon.  There's a Kindle version, too....

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