Monday, January 28, 2013

The Eschaton of Bad Church Sign Awareness Week

Some timeless Church sign badness from Joel Bezaire's Crummy Church Signs blog...only one of which is in the book I'm firmly suggesting you buy....

"Jesus turned water into wine, but He can't turn whining into anything."
--So would you quit coming to Him with all your problems, already?! Sheesh!

"God forgives sincere confession."
--He prefers the insincere ones, but He is willing to make exceptions.

"God is good without the extra 'o'"
--And Satan is Stan without the extra 'a'.

“God has a big eraser.”
…to rub you out when you sin, sucka!! (…or, to rub away your sins. This sign isn’t really specific.)

"Jesus is coming and boy is He mad!"
--Jesus is mad, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones make him insane. When He comes, He'll bring the pain.
Yes, Jesus is mad.
Yes, Jesus is mad.
Yes, Jesus is mad.
The Bible tells me so.

And this one needs no comment:

Yes, you get a Monday edition of bad church signs because I missed last Thursday.  Oh, you're welcome!  If you are interested in purchasing the book--which I read again this weekend and laughed myself silly--go to Amazon and enjoy.  Kindle and paperback (on sale!).  Back to the IC news and more tomorrow. 


Will Linden said...


Christine Dalessio said...

Oh THANK YOU for sharing this. You have no idea how much I needed to laugh. I will definitely be passing this info on!

Nate said...

"God is good without the extra 'o'"
--And Satan is Stan without the extra 'a'.

And Satan is Santa if you Scrabble it - thus sayeth the Church Lady.